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Welcome To Clan of Tara!
* Welcome to the CLAN OF TARA webpage! *

If you are already a member of Clan of Tara, please register with Guild Portal and click on the "Join" Link at the very top left of this page. Once you have access, you can see the forums, view upcoming events, chat with other guildies, and more! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in the forums, or in-game mail them to Danthelyn, or any of our illustrious advisors!

Note: if you attempt to register and it says your name is "taken" be advised that this means someone else has already registered with the GUILD PORTAL
site under that name, NOT Clan of Tara.

* Try using variations or lenghtening your name.

For example:  instead of simply "Kiarii", try "Kiarii the Balance Druid"

Yes, Kia, I used your name as an example.  ^_~

I have the ability to give you a "title" so that we know you ingame name, once you've registered.

Please allow me 24 hours to get you approved, as I cannot be online all the time.  However, if you see me in game, feel free to drop me a whisper and let me know you've signed up!

See you all back at Steamwheedle Cartel!

~~ Danthe
Other Guild News

March 29, 2009

danthelyn, Mar 29, 09 2:59 PM.

Meeting Update

I am changing the frequency of meetings.
It is doubtful we really need to have them weekly, unless there is a problem.
I'm looking to have them once a month instead, but haven't worked out which week of the month yet.
Input on that would be very helpful.

01-11-2009 Meeting Notes

danthelyn, Jan 11, 09 7:02 PM.
~ JANUARY 11th, 2009 ~
(For those of you who missed the meeting)


Topics Discussed:

  1. REMINDER -- CHECK THE GUILD MESSAGE OF THE DAY in game, to keep yourself updated with changes and announcements.
  2. PROFESSIONS UPDATE:  Please send an in-game note to Danthelyn  re: your toons professions.  I would like to get the guild tab notes updated so that when people ask if there is a person with a specific profession, the answers are readily available.
  3. GV RENOVATIONS AGAIN:  The GV is currently full of Old World / BC mats which no one is using.  If you need anything for a guilded alt, please take it, as we will be AH or vendoring a great deal of these items to make gold for the Clan.  This will probably happen slowly over the next few days.  ADDITIONALLY -- We are horribly lacking on Northrend materials and items.  Donations along this line would be greatly appreciated.
  4. RECRUITMENT AND LEVELING:  COT is actively recruiting, especially tanks and healers lvl 70+.  If you recruit a new member, please make sure you familiarize them with the guild rules and website.  ALSO a special request for extra assistance to players trying to level up their tanks / healers for the guild.
  5. PRE-BC RAIDING:  Gram (Tippmann, Gramnos, MollĂ˝) will be running some Pre-BC raids to help get new tanks and healers used to raiding, as well as to finish off achievements.  These raids will take place after the guild meetings on Sundays and will be posted in the guild calendar in game.  Please make sure you contact Gram for a slot before run-time and are on time to the raid.  ALSO, PER REQUEST FROM YOUR RAID LEADER -- read up on raids before the run.  Available sources for finding out information are Wowwikki or Wowhead.
    Next week will be Zul'Gurub. We will need 2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 DPS, Leveled 60+.

Meeting Notes -- 12/14/2008

danthelyn, Dec 14, 08 5:54 PM.
~ December 14th, 2008 ~
(For those of you who missed the meeting)


Topics Discussed:

  1. WINTER GRINDFEST: Current Short term plan: Level grind until January 2nd.
  2. Recruiting.  Especially tanks and healers level 60-80, but of course, everyone is welcome.  Please make sure you give all new recruits a run down of CoT policies and rules, and show them around our website. ALSO make sure you post the date they were recruited in their officer notes.
  3. RAID LEADER WANTED.  Everyone knows I'm horrible at leading raids, so I am looking for a well-adjusted, experienced raid leader.  If you think you fit the bill, please drop me a line.
  4. UPCOMING HOLIDAYS:  Winterveil starts Monday, Happy Snowball throwing and reindeer rescuing!
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